About our school

Penckers School is approved and moderated by the Qualification and Curriculum Development Agency, U.K, with international School Number (ISN) 1610001.


To be a world-class school, with the Qur'an and the Hadith being the prime guides to producing real role models...


To provide high quality education propelled by Islamic values under the most conducive atmosphere possible...


Penckers is an abbreviation of PEN Creates Kings, LeadERs and Scholars.


Excelling Here and Hereafter...


Our logo is an artistic representation of the school motto. The lower point on the diamond represents this world, while the upper one refers to the hereafter. The mark of excellence is our goal for the children; academically, morally, and spiritually.


Our curriculum is a studied hybrid of the British and Nigerian educational programmes with a flavour of the pedagogical strategies advocated by Montessori Jolly phonics and the likes, all of which are utilised at the appropriate levels of learning. Thus, our curriculum is broad-based and skill-oriented. In implementing the Penckers curriculum, the learning achievement of each pupil is independent of the pace and learning outcomes of other pupils.

Our School Anthem.

Bismilaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

Penckers School, my School
I'm proud of my School
I'll give her my respect (2ce)
throughout the Days and the Nights
Penckers School, my School
my pleasure for life
I'll give her my honour (2ce), all the days of my life
We're boys and girls of
honour, substance and victory
We are the glory makers
We are the morrow leaders
We are the nation builders
We stand out all the time
The Qur'an our way
The hadith our focus
Islam is our pride
I'll live all my life to (2ce), uphold its glorious stand
We love them all Mak(kah)
Makkah, Madinah, Mustapha and his companions
and that unique a language (2ce), the language of the book
Penckers School, my school
my pleasure for life
I'll give her my honour (2ce), all the days of my life