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The mark of excellence on the school motto is our goal for the children; academically, morally, and spiritually.
  • 18th September 2017Resumption

    It's school time again! As the 2017/2018 academic session kicks off on Monday 18th of September 2017
  • 9th April 20171st Penckers School Interhouse Sport.

    ALIHAMDULILAHI, We thank gracious ALLAH for his benevolence over our just concluded 1st interhouse sport.
  • 30th July 2017Graduation/Prize Giving Ceremony

    As the 1437/1438 session winds up, the annual graduation & prize giving ceremony draws closer and preparations are in top gear.
    Vacation date: Friday 28th July, 2017.
    Graduation date: Sunday 30th July, 2017
  • 8th August 2017PENCKERS Entrance Exam Batch C

    The PENCKERS high school is admitting students for the 1437/1438; 2017/2018 academic session.
    Date: 8th August, 2017

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