Governing Board


From the chairman

Striking harmony at all levels of human existence is our ultimate goal at PENCERS. There are a lot of individuals who live a life that is characterized by dualism which is disharmony or double standard. A
curious observer will notice disharmony in the world today. For instance the world is partitioned, albeit as a matter of convention, into developed and underdeveloped zones. Environment is absolutely controlled in the developed zone where aesthetics permeates every facet of life. Things are working in the zone because everyone therein is diligent; working with keen interest and with determination not only to deliver but also to aim at perfection.

In contrast, environment is degraded, uncontrolled and unhealthy in the underdeveloped zone. Things are not working because reluctance and indolence are the prevalent culture at work places. But what is responsible for disharmony either in the life of an individual or in the life of a nation? Simple; it is the people’s attitude to the two concepts of work and worship.

Curiously, it could be noticed that little or no attention is paid to worship and spirituality in the developed zone while people in the underdeveloped zone devote their resources to worship and spirituality. The implications of this divide can be amazing. The underdeveloped zone, due to its devotion to worship at the expense of work, is bedeviled by abject poverty, illiteracy, disease and unwarranted protracted wars. On the other hand, the developed zone is afflicted by a myriad of woes
such as economic meltdown, indiscriminate shootings and rapes specially among school children. The developed zone is also, is overwhelmed by legal and illegal migrations. The UE countries have to, particularly, keep vigil over the menace of boat mishaps in which thousands of illegal migrants drone on a  daily basis.

At PENCKERS, we are floating an education system that pragmatically addresses the issue of disharmony by striking a balance between the two parts of religion (work and worship) which are currently adopted each by the two zones. The gap between the zones, we believe, can be bridged and not to be merely narrowed all things being equal. The methodology to attain that feat is feasible. When a child is educated to pay equal attention to spirituality and hard work, when he/she is equipped with skills to harmonize work and worship, when he/she is oriented to derive pride and joy in diligence, when he/she is brought up to see bad behavior (corruption) as a filth or human waste that must not be touched, when he/she is tendered in a culture of decency as a normal way of life, the world will witness harmony and reap its fruits. PENCKERS will continue to pursue this philosophy of harmony between worship and work. Let me wish you all happy celebrations. Thank you.


                                         From the school Director


Passion, fun, excellence, happiness, friendship, confidence, intelligence, imagination, family values, conscious leaders, young achievers … capture it all at Penckers.

It was a promise of developing a culture of academic and non-academic excellence in our pupils in class,caucus, country and continent. The present accomplishments at Penckers reaffirm our commitment to translating our promise to concrete realities. That radiant future we envisage for our children is within reach insha Allah.

Our pupils’ distinct performance in the QCDA examinations; the current being another in the line of distinctions is a reward for diligence and hard work. Our Year 5 pupils who wrote the Nigerian Common Entrance Examinations and passed excellently with some of them leading their centres cannot be better testimonials. As we await the Key Stage 2 results, we hope it evens up with our traditions-Distinction!

The emergence of Sofiat Aderinola (Year 5) as the Best Overall student among the 1436/2015 graduals at Ummu Hujjatullah Quranic Centre (UHQC) cannot but make us proud the more. Abdul-Muqeet and Abdur Rahman Zainab were the immediate past winners of the same award in the last two consecutive Gazing at every second of my watch, I get more eager to see my children displaying their age-long acquired knowledge aimed at preparing them to RULE THE WORLD.